Egyptian Red Wine Hangover Cure

Red Wine Hangover Cure

Drank too much red wine? Yikes ... a red wine hangover. Red wine hangovers are not new. Red wine hangover cure has been around since King Tut. Learn how to cure a red wine hangover.

According to recent findings, Egyptian King Tut died at an estimated age of nineteen years around 1352 BC. King Tut, also known as King Tutankhamen, had been in general good health and there were no signs of any major infectious disease or malnutrition during his childhood. He was slight of build, and was roughly 170 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall. King Tut kept healthy using ancient wisdom hangover cure secrets.

King Tut was fond of the best Egyptian red wine. Eqyptian scientists have analyzed residues from a jar found in the tomb of King Tut. It contained wine made with red wine grapes. In the annex of Tutankhamun tomb 36 wine jars were found. The earliest knowledge about red wine cultivation in ancient Egypt is represented on tomb walls dating back to 2600 BC. "Red Wine in ancient Egypt was a drink of great importance, consumed by the upper classes and the kings," says Maria Rosa Guasch-Jané, a master in Egyptology at the University of Barcelona in Spain. Red Wine jars were labeled with the wine's name, year of harvest, source and even vine grower.

A red wine jar from King Tutankhamun tomb was marked: "Year 5. Wine of the House-of-Tutankhamun Ruler-of-the-Southern-on, l.p.h (in) the Western River. By the chief Vintner Khaa.

Not too many facts exist about King Tut’s life. As a member of Egypt royalty, he took part in many feasts and festival celebrations. Red Wine Hangovers were probably a common occurrence. King Tut used Ancient Egyptian secrets to cure his hangovers.

About Red Wine Hangover Cure

The term hangover was originally a 19th century expression describing unfinished business—something left over from a meeting—or ‘survival.’ In 1904, the meaning "after-effect of drinking too much" first surfaced.

Red wine hangovers can be attributed to main two causes. First, a bad red wine harvest. Drinking red wine that comes from a particular growing season where there was large temperature variations or weather changes may create a red wine that is more prone to causing hangovers.

Second, drinking red wine when it is too young. Almost all red wines are aged in oak barrels or clay jars. If you drink a red wine younger than six months there will be a higher level of impurities and substances that can cause red wine hangovers.

King Tut Red Wine Hangover Cure Recipe

We can only guess what Egyptian King Tut did to cure his red wine hangovers but we know he used Ancient Wisdom secret recipe to cure hangovers. Over 75% of alcohol consumers have experienced a red wine hangover. The most common features of a red wine hangover include: head ache, nausea, fatigue, dehydration, and difficulty sleeping. Here are some things King Tut might have done to remedy and cure his red wine hangover.

Before the Egyptian Feast or Egyptian Festival Celebration:

• Drink a large cup of goat milk or ate garlic. Dairy products help slow the absorption of red wine alcohol into the body digestive system taking it longer to get drunk. This helps prevents and cure the red wine hangover.

• Drink lots of water. Avoid red wine dehydration and nausea. A hydrated body allows red wine alcohol to dilute more rapidly and reduces hangovers. Water always helps prevent red wine hangover dehydration.

At the Egyptian Feast or Egyptian Festival Celebration:

• Drink red wine slowly and took a drink of water after every 2 to 3 cups of red wine. Drinking red wine too fast can result in a bad red wine hangover.

• Eat salty foods and bread. This hepls to absorb red wine in your body.

• Watched your urine, the darker the color the more dehydrated you are, so drink more water to prevent a wine hangover.

• Eat meat and fish and avoided sweet drinks and honey. Sweets with red wine may result in a wine hangover.

• Eat raw cabbage. Raw cabbage has been used throughout history for preventing and curing wine hangovers according to hangover myths. Probably not the best thing to eat cabbage before a wine and cheese party.

Before Going to Sleep After Drinking Red Wine:

• Drink a cup of water and eat an orange or lemon. The vitamin C found in the citrus helps the liver process red wine alcohol.

• Have a pee. Urinating before going to sleep releases digested red wine alcohol in the bladder. Try to drink a large glass of water which helps dilute the red wine in your body.

• Eat a pinch of charcoal. Charcoal helps absorb the impurities found in some red wines according to hangover myths.

• Exercised. After heavy ewd wine intoxication, some form of exercise helps the heart pump blood around the body, increases the amount of oxygen in the body and makes you sweat out the red wine alcohol. Perhaps a slow walk. Never exercise if you are drunk. 

Egyptian Red Wine History

Red wine grapes were not native to Egypt. The actual origin of the red wine vines themselves is believed to have been imported from the Phoenicians.

Egyptian kings had extensive red wine cellars. Wine vineyards were only owned by well-to-do royalty. Owning a vineyard was very prestigious. Earthenware wine jars were used as fermentation vats. Each red wine jar was sealed and left for a period of time. The Egyptians labeled each vintage and the quality of each wine. The best wine vineyards were in the Delta, followed by the Fayyum, Memphis, and then southern Egypt and the oasises. Egyptian wines were graded as good, twice good, three times good as being the finest.

The main consumption of red wine in Egypt, took place between the king, nobles, and the priests in temple ceremonies. Red wine was considered a particularly special offering to any of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. The goddess Hathor was the goddess of wine and intoxication.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

Researchers are looking at the health of Mediterranean people who consume red wine, including their lower rates of heart disease. Best wine health benefits include:

Red Wine may prevent and remedy blood vessel clotting

Red Wine may help resolve increase HDL (good cholesterol)

Red Wine may prevent formation of bad cholesterol (LDL)

Red Wine may prevent heart disease

Red Wine may prevent some forms of cancer

Red Wine could aid with digestion nausea

Red Wine may protect the brain from the damage of a stroke

Many antioxidants and flavonoids are available in red wine. The highest flavonoid counts are in Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Syrah. Merlot and Zinfandel have less flavonoids. Additionally, their are vitamins and minerals in red wine, as well as potassium and low sodium provide additional health benefits.

Never drink too much red wine to get a red wine hangover and dehydration. Never drink red wine and drive. Be Responsible when drinking alcohol, avoid red wine intoxication.

Egyptian Red Wine Hangover Cure News

According to a recent news report historians have discovered a hangover cure written on a 1900-year-old Ancient Egyptian papyrus. Wearing a necklace made from the leaves of a shrub called Alexandrian laurel would do the job, Discovery News reported.

The "drunken headache cure" appeared in a 1,900-year-old text written in Greek and was discovered during the ongoing effort to translate more than half a million scraps of papyrus known as the Oxyrhynchus Papyri. The key ingredient listed to treat the hangover, the slow growing evergreen Danae racemosa, wasn't exactly known for its medical properties. The plant was used in Greek and Roman times to crown distinguished athletes, orators and poets.

Red Wine Hangover Cure Quote:
"God in His goodness sent the grapes, to cheer both great and small; little fools will drink too much, and great fools not at all." - Anonymous."